Bilfri Søndag (2023)

I made the graphics for Bilfri Søndag (Car Free Sunday) which is an annual event hosted by Nørrebro Lokaludvalg in Copenhagen. The event takes place every year in September.

Aarhus Kammer Musik Festival (2022)

Aarhus kammermusik festival is an annual chamber music festival for young musicians which is held each year in Aarhus. In 2022 I made the visual identity for the festival.

La Ruta Del Vino – Vinsupernatural (2022)

La Ruta Del Vino is a wine label I designed for the Danish brand Vine super natural. Read more about the project here.

Phare Ponleu Selpak Workshop (2022)  

In May 2022, I travelled to Battambang (Cambodia) to give a poster workshop at the art school Phare Ponleu Selpak. We went out on scooters and bikes and sketched the city.
Later the students used their research to create a Battambang poster which was later printed and exhibited in Battambang.

Tumo Studios Workshop (2022)     

In March 2022, I travelled to Armenia to give a 2 week workshop in Poster making for the students at TUMO Studios.TUMO Studios is a free educational program for university-aged students and young professionals with a passion for craftsmanship and design, located in the center of Yerevan. I gave the students the task of creating a poster of the different districts of Yerevan, each student picked a district to create a poster for. After gathering inspiration, the students transformed their illustrations into screen printed posters, which we printed at the school.

Colours of Cambodia – Bilingual Childrens Book (2016)     

“Colors of Cambodia” is a bilingual childrens book in Cambodian and English. It is published by The Antipodes Collective; an NGO who works for children in rural Cambodia. The sale of the book allows The Antipodes Collective to distribute it for free to underprivileged children in Cambodia. I decided to make the book after my stay in Pursat Province where I saw a lack of relevant bilingual books for Cambodian students wanting to learn English. I remember asking one of the students what her favorite meal was, she promptly answered “hotdogs”. You can’t buy hotdogs in Pursat, but the English she learned was from English books about western life, so the language she learned was foreign to her and her surroundings.

Hi there, thank you for visiting my website :-)
My name is Pil Anna Tesdorpf, but I use the artist name PILAT, as people always misspell my last name. I work as a freelance illustrator, working on posters, packaging designs, visual identities, and murals. I work with digital illustration, acrylic paint, watercolour, and whatever medium I come across on my way.
If you have any questions or wanna collab feel free to send me a message.


Postgraduate Diploma, Creative Illustration
EINA – Barcelona

Bachelor, Visual Communication
The Royal Danish Academy – Copenhagen

Studio Arts Program
Metàfora – Barcelona

Red Cross Nordic United World College

  • Nordvest I Farver
    Nordvest Ølbar – Copenhagen

  • Here I Am
    Streetstar – Bangkok

  • Who Is Not A Stranger
    Casa Lü – Mexico City

  • Åbne Atelierdøre

  • Mellemrum
    Køge Kunstforegning – Køge

  • Nothingness - Untitled BCN

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